Clay Charm Treats

Ask me anything   19 yr old aspiring jewellery maker who loves making jewellery out of polymer clay!

I'm a beginner in making charms, and any tips and tricks would be very welcome.

I sell most charms that will be displayed here over on my Etsy store,

I also own a health, recovery and personal blog that you were most likely directed here by! I've taken the URL down because of how far this blog was reaching, but if you want to have a look then send me a message and i'll direct you over!

I’m showing you a few of my favourite pieces of jewellery because i’m taking commissions! I need to get lots of rent money together so to all of my followers, i’m making whatever you like with a discount!

Take a look at my current stock here:

and shoot me a message!

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    Please check out her shop . I LOVED my Harry Potter charms. She’s amazing.
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